ExpressJS : How to install & set up?

ExpressJS : How to install & set up?

If you curios about Express JS, join with me and learn it.


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Hola guys, we are back to install Express JS and setting it up .

For this series , we need some required things to be in installed in our Desktop.

Node JS (runtime Environment)>here, you can download Node js . I prefer version 16 and in this series we are going to use node js version 16.18.0 . Once you download , open and install it . After everything is installed , open your terminal(macos/linux) or cmd(windows) . and type..

node -v

node -v results the version of node js. if you are not getting these type of result,then you are not installed node js properly.

In the same way,

npm -v

npm is the package manager of node js . it manages all external packages .In this series,You will learn how to use it.

npm -v results the version of npm.

Then,we need a code editor I use VScode . here is the link for download. Once you are ready with above setup, open your terminal(macos/linux) or cmd(windows) in empty directory,and type...

npm init -y

the above command will initiate the node js project . and now

code .

This command will take current directory to VScode.

In next blog, we will get our code by creating simple server in node js. Prepare for it....

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